Spiritual teacher and an highly empathetic soul Matt Kahn says it so beautifully, The marriage of Loving Heart with Wise Mind brings out Loving Wisdom which allows light to flow through us without any constrictions and thus move freely. I slept after listening to him in the night and woke up the next morning without a heart ache and pain of the past.

I knew that my Mind and Body has found their balance in my Heart.

Day 46


The moment my fears started to fade away
The world started to feel like a great place to live again.

It is so weird but It is the Truth
As within So without As above So below
Took me so much time to understand this simple formulae.

In reality the Shit is real
For we Live inside a scary tales & where everything is exactly the opposite of Love.

My stomach still curls at the thought,

When everytime I realise that the Fairy Tales from my childhood where actually the Fear-y Tale entry to the Matrix.

Day 49

Part 2 in Rhythm

Asia Bhattacharya

Asia Bhattacharya

Post Meltdown. Nervous wreck. 50 day series. Best if read back to front, from Choosing Medium.